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People Search By Name - Unlimited & Free! draws from multiple databases and features hundreds of millions of public records. Our free and confidential service provides you with instant results. Find out more about friends, family, and anyone else with our all-inclusive service. Start searching for people today.

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We can bring you basic contact info for relatives, friends, and just about anyone else. Look for phone numbers, emails, physical addresses.

Criminal Records

Have you been curious about potential criminal in your family? We can help you know for sure. Look up criminal records for everything from speeding tickets to more serious offenses.

Bankruptcies & Evictions

Curious about someone’s past before doing business? Thinking of letting someone move in? Make sure you know the facts first. You can see bankruptcy and eviction records for people and make an informed decision.

Property Records

Locate property records across the United States. You can pull up past and present owners of a home. You can also see how much a specific house has been appraised for.

Expand Your Family Tree

Discover far-flung family members from across the country. Research your ancestors and know more about your own history.

Find Your Relatives can help you bring your family closer together. At least, we can help when it comes to tracking them down. With hundreds of millions of public records we can aid in finding family throughout the U.S. Search by name, age, and location to fill out the missing leaves on your family tree.

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Family Tree

When you want to investigate your family tree, it helps to be able to look back as far as possible. Our database goes back a long time, bringing you census records that span almost 150 years.  If you're curious what kinds of lives your ancestors lived, we can shed light on what they were doing. That's all thanks to our access to publicly available census data, spanning a period more than a century long. In that window, you'll be able to see information such as the names, locations, and immediate relations your ancestors. That can help inform you about what their lives looked like over time. Because our data spans so much time, it also means that you'll be able to view data from one generation to the next, giving you more ways to find ancestral data.

Our records don't end with census data. When you use, we pull in data from multiple sources to fill you in on your family records dating right up to the present. And because our database includes information such as where your relatives lived, who they were related to, and what they did for a living, it will give you an added layer of detail when you build out your family tree.

Learning about your family history gives you more than an idea of who you're related to. It lets you know your relatives' place in history — how they impacted it, what they accomplished, who their children were, what they did for a living, and much more. It gives you a sense of context as to where your family has been and where it is now. With records available from, it's easier than ever before to build a family tree that provides a background of your family you can pass down for generations. Begin branching out your tree today. Access millions of records using