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It may surprise you to see how helpful a property search can be. They’re can do much more than tell you where someone lives. You can determine ownership information, appraisal values, and more. can bring you billions of records on people and property in the United States. With an address you can access detailed data from contact info to property records. Enter the address, city, state. We’ll provide you with thorough reports on people and places. Begin your search today.

Do you need to speak with a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a long time? Maybe you have an address from an old card, but no phone number. Luckily, an address is all you need to find contact info for most people. We can show you full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Are you trying to find the history of a particular home? Our service is able to look through decades of records to show you who has lived there and lots more. The info you can find through an address search includes the following:

Find Family & Friends By Address

With an address you can discover all kinds of contact info. Locate relatives and acquaintances using their address. Uncover contact info like emails, names, and past addresses.

Access Property Ownership Information

Would you like to know more about a specific house? Use an address to go through property ownership records. See how many times the house has changed owners. And for you how much.

Find Phone Numbers For Any Address

Do you have someone’s address, but need more details? Use a physical address to find a phone number. You can also look through relatives, aliases, and more.

Reasons to Run an Address Search on MyRelatives

You might not have thought to perform an address search before. There are lots of reasons why an address search makes sense. It’s the fastest and easiest way to find friends and family across the country. See just a few of the reasons why more people are using

Hundreds of Millions of Public Records

We can bring you millions of public records from across the U.S. Our database scours all the available public records and brings them to you. We go through multiple records sources to offer you the most comprehensive and up to date information.

Completely Free to Use

Unlike other records searches, is free to use. We don’t think public records are something you should have to pay for. Enter the address into the search bar, and we’ll do the rest. Combined with its ease of use, our service is fast and affordable.

Instant Information

Public records requests can searches take a long time. Our service can give you detailed data when you need it. Comprehensive public info is only a click away.

Millions of property records are here at your fingertips. Don’t delay in getting in the info you need. Put an address into today and see what you can find out.