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There’s lots of information to be found using birth records. We can aid in your search by accessing millions of public birth records in the U.S. Have you ever wondered how old a distant relative really was? Look up a birth record to find the when and where they were actually born. Use to find out more about your own ancestors or further build your family tree. Type in a person’s name to get started. You can get more specific by adding a date of birth, county, or state where they reside. If you’re not sure, we can help you find it. This is some of what you can learn from available birth records.

Date of Birth

Go back decades to look up the details for relatives and more. Our database can help you find the birthday of a friend or family member.

Birth State

Curious about the where a relative was actually born? Use birth records to locate the state where someone was born.

Birth County

If knowing someone’s birth state wasn’t specific enough, you can go further. We can determine the specific county where a person was born.

Mother’s Maiden Name

Want to know more about someone’s mother or grandmother? Putting together what side of the family someone might be on? Look up their maiden name to spread the branches of your family tree.

What You Can Learn From Birth Records

MyRelatives has a large assortment of vital records to help you learn about your relatives, or anyone else. Use our birth records to look up people who were born a few years, or even a few decades ago.

To find birth records, start with a search by name. We’ll help you pinpoint a specific individual. We’ll then show you free information. This includes their year of birth, gender, and more. Get useful details about your relatives and build your Family Tree with a free search at

How Birth Records Can Help You Learn More

Researching Family History

You can’t do much better for genealogy research than finding birth records. They’re a great way to learn a lot more about your own family.

Branch Out Your Family Tree

Find out more about your family. See how far your tree extends. And who you might be related to. You can discover all this and more through birth records.

Verify Times & Places of Birth

Have you always thought a distant relative was born in a certain year? Are you sure they were born in the place you thought? Birth records can confirm this info for you.

Learn more with the info provided by birth records. You can use to look through hundreds of millions of birth records in the U.S. Going through pages of public records to find the one you need is time consuming. Our service is speedy. We provide instant results for birth records across the country. And it’s completely free. We simplify searching through public records. Start your search today!