Free U.S. Census Records (1790-1940)


The U.S. census is an important service that helps us to better understand our country. It provides crucial information to allow us to appreciate our history. can offer millions of records that can tell you about friends, relatives, and more.

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Census Records

We have access to almost 150 years of census data. This info dates all the way back to 1790. You can find out about ancestors, relatives, and U.S. history.

Marriage & Divorce Records

Look through millions of marriage and divorce documents. Would you like to find your great grand-parents marriage certificate? Maybe you want to see why some ancestors divorced. Uncover the past with

Birth Records

Unearth the birth records of distant relatives. We can bring you birth records dating back more than a century. See the circumstances of your ancestor’s origins.

Death & Obituary Records

Have you wanted to know how or when a family member may have died? Would you like to see how they were remembered? We provide death and obituary records to help answer these questions and more.

WWII Military Personnel Records

As often as we talk of “the greatest generation,” we often don’t know enough of their stories. Our database has military records that can tell you their rank, when they served, what branch they were in, and where their assignments were. Learn more about these heroes through a military records search.

Property Records

You can pull up property records dating back many years. Find out what a house was worth 50 or 100 years ago. See what appraisals were in your neighborhood in the past.

Current & Previous Addresses

Look at where your family and friends have lived over the years. Does your family have roots in a particular town? See how far back you go, and where they resided.

Phone Numbers

Find telephone numbers for relatives across the U.S. Need to contact a distant relative? We give you the info to pick up the phone and call.

What You Can Learn From Census Data provides billions of free Census records to help you learn about your ancestors, and anyone else from the past. The first U.S. Census was conducted in 1790. The goal was to count the population of each state, primarily for tax purposes.

In the United States, the Census is taken every ten years. Many genealogists use older records to learn about their ancestors. They also use it to find reliable details about people on their family tree.

Looking for information about your ancestors? Then count on for our free Census records. You can learn where someone lived during a census decade, see their household status and enjoy many other useful facts. Start your search today!