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Are you trying to find death records for someone in your family? Make it easy with our database containing millions of records for the deceased throughout the country. Having an accurate death record available gives you a unique look into the end of someone's life and often includes other records that shed a light onto the cause of their death, give you extra details surrounding it, and inform you what their life was like.

Date of Birth

Each of our death records includes a date of birth so that you can find out just how old someone was when they passed away. Because our records go back decades, it's even easier to learn more about what was going on in their life with entries such as known family and location history. Knowing a person's date of birth fills you in on the time period and the kinds of the events that were happening in their lives while they were growing up. That can go a long way toward informing you on the decisions they made and the people they met in life.

Date of Death

We make it easy to find out when someone died. Our records reach back decades so that you can accurately see the exact date someone passed away on in the past. Just like with a date of birth, a date of death lets you know how old someone was in addition to the time period they died in. That can shed a light on the events happening in the world at the time of their passing. Plus, it provides an idea of where they were in their life when it happened.


Curious where a deceased relative used to call home? Our records make it effortless to find the last residence someone held before they passed away. In addition, the database can help show you other places that person lived at over the years. This will give you a better idea of the path that person traveled over the course of their life. These records aren't just limited to the last house or two someone lived at, either. They include most of the places that the deceased lived at over the years.

Full Name

Trying to look up information on a distant relative? It can be hard to find a full name of a deceased family member who is much farther away on your family tree. But we make it fast and easy with our search which enables you to view more information about deceased people across the country. Simply provide the contact information you have access to and our database will take care of the rest, providing you with the full name of deceased family members in addition to details on their lives.

What You Can Learn From Death Records

We can learn a lot about our personal history by following the story of our ancestors. Use to find free information about someone’s birth, their life through the years, and their final days.

Run a death records search to see the date a person was born and the date they passed away. This can help you build your family tree and gain a better understanding about people who came before you. MyRelatives gives you access to millions of vital records. Start your death records search using the form above.