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Marriage is one of the most longstanding traditions in the world. Through it, people have brought themselves together, extending family trees in the process for centuries. Use our search to find records of married people in the U.S. dating back decades to glean new insight into when your ancestors tied the knot, where they got married, and learn more about when other people in your family got married. Together, it all paints a vivid picture of who they were and where you came from.

Find Maiden or Married Names

Interested in what someone's name was before they were married or what it was after they were tied the knot? Thanks to our database of public marriage records, it's never been easier to find out about the names of married people. Simple provide a name, and we'll look through our entire database to show you results on people matching that name, including past names and names after marriage.

See Marriages That Grew Your Family Tree

Because every marriage joins two families together, they offer a window into how exactly your family tree has grown over the years. With our search, it's easier to find out who married who. As a result, we give you a way find out who you're related to that you might not have known about before.

Find Date & State of Marriage

More interested in knowing the time and place a wedding took occurred? Our database of public marriage records gives you access to more than who was married. Find out when a marriage became official and the state it took place in.

Discover Where a Marriage Record Was Filed

Curious where a marriage record was filed? Our database has millions of records for where a marriage was made official. Using that data, it's easier for you to figure out where your ancestors were when they tied the knot, which can help you learn more about their lives.

What You Can Learn from Marriage Records

Marriage Records are easily one of the most helpful tools available for building a family tree. MyRelatives has gathered millions of these public records together in one place to help you see how your family has grown through the years.

Some of the valuable information that you’ll be able to learn includes: full names of brides and grooms, the county in which a marriage occurred, and the marriage certificate number. Together, this information paints a fuller picture of where your family has been, what they've gone through, and where they are now. This can help you understand how your family ended up in a particular location or help you simply learn more about them to share with future generations. Use our Marriage Records to grow your family tree today!