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World War II was an incredibly important time in U.S. history. It led directly into many parts of our culture that we still hold dear today. When it took place, it — quite literally — involved most of the western world at the time. As such, it affected many family trees in the process. is your prime destination to find out how your family tree was affected by this critical point in history. Through our combination of data sources, we provide a level of insight into what your family members were doing during this period. Learn more about where they were, what they did, and who they were using our records!

Full Name

We make it easy to view relatives by their full name. If you aren't sure on what a relative's name was, or if you want to learn more about one person in particular, we give you an easy way to look them up. Simply search with the information you have, and our database will show you everything in our records about the person you're looking up.

Marital Status with Dependent Information

Curious if someone got married before or after the war? Do you want to know about who they got married to and if they had kids? We can help you view information related to all of the above with ease. Learn about a relative's marriage records to find out when they tied the knot and to take a look at how many children they went on to have.

Military Rank

Are you interested in learning where a relative was ranked in the armed services? With our full military records, put your curiosity to rest and learn about what life was like in the service for them, including what their rank was and what accolades they achieved.

Education Level

Want to find out the education level of someone who formerly served in the military? We make easy with our military records that go back decades. Learn what kind of education a veteran had when they enlisted, how it affected their service, and see if they went to pursue further education once they were done.

Enlistment Date

Trying to learn when someone enlisted in the military? Our military records clear up when veterans first enlisted, when they deployed out, where they went, and how long they spent in service. That way, you can easily view the big picture when it comes to your relative's time in service.

What You Can Learn From WWII Records

The U.S. officially entered World War II in December 1941, with 16 million Americans serving in the US Military during the war. With most of what is known as the “Greatest Generation” now in their 80s and 90s, there are now approximately 1.5 million Americans alive who served in WWII.

An interesting piece of history, WWII military records offer a glimpse into the lives of anyone who served to help you envision the details of your family tree and genealogy background. Were they married at the time of their service? Did they already have children? How old were they when they enlisted? This information tells a piece of history relevant to your ancestry that you may not find elsewhere. Our database is always free for you to search.